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Student selection procedure and criteria

The selection procedure: First, the applications will be pre-screened for formal requirements. The ones fulfilling the requirements shall be given over to the EMJMD NURSING Academic Committee for evaluation. The Academic Committee will treat all applications efficiently and effectively.

The selection procedure is divided in two phases:

  1. Academic evaluation of the candidate's curriculum based on the information provided by the applicants through the online Application System.
  2. Interview with preselected students to ascertain whether the candidate shows adequate communication skills.


  • Academic records: 50% - up to 20 points
  • Professional and research experience: 25% - up to 10 points
  • Personal interview: 25% - up to 10 points

The Academic evaluation will be carried out on the basis of the information provided by the students in their application documents.

First a classification will be established in order to assess which candidates fulfil the admission criteria of the Master. Applications will be considered solely on the basis of their academic merits, abilities and potential, regardless of gender, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or any other irrelevant distinction. However, country of origin and gender are additional criteria that could be used to orient the recruitment towards diversity in geographical cover and balance in gender representation. Moreover, selection rules will be subject to Erasmus Mundus requirements; therefore, a maximum of two candidates from the same country may be proposed to an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.

Entry is competitive, and therefore achieving examination grades equivalent to or above the standard for a course does not automatically entitle a candidate to an offer. All applications will be assessed and ranked against a number of criteria to guarantee the selection of the best students:

  • Academic track record: Previous Higher Education in related disciplines will be taken into account.
  • Professional and research experience: research articles published in scientific journals, participation in research projects, knowledge of other languages of interest for scientific purposes, work experience related to the Master
  • Other merits (motivation, interest in pursuing further Doctorate training, academic ability, reputation of the school of origin, the referees, other languages, personal background…)

Selection criteria for every category are shown below. Candidates are expected to provide official documents for every section.

Academic track record

Academic records will be assessed taking into account the final GPA of the degree that grants access to the Master's Programme. If the BSc degree giving access to the Master had been awarded by any of the top 500 Universities according to any internationally recognized ranking, the academic scoring may be increased by 1 point.

Professional and research experience and other merits

Work and research experience may only be taken into account if it had been directly related to the Master's Course. Applicants will be awarded with 0.5 point for each six months working period, up to 4 points.

Publications may only be taken into account if it had been directly related to the Master contents. Applicants will be awarded with 0.5 points for each published article, up to 4 points.

Knowledge of other languages of interest for scientific purposes: up to 2 points.

Personal Interview

The 30 students with higher points shall be eligible for a personal interview.

Interviews will be conducted with the candidates in order to assess other factors affecting their application. Results of the interview will be scored 0 to 10 points. The interview will be conducted in English and will be organized via videoconferencing using standard equipment. The evaluation of the interview will be based on the following criteria:

  • Understanding of the English language (up to 2.5 points)
  • Ability to speak English (up to 2.5 points)
  • Candidate's motivation to enrol in the Master, including consistency between the candidate's professional expectations and the goal of the Master course, as well as the match between the candidate's previous knowledge and the content of the Master courses (up to 5 points).

The applicants will be ranked based on the points obtained during the selection process. The Academic Committee will choose the 25 best ranked students that could enrol the EMJMD NURSING master course. This is the list of admitted and reserve candidates. This list will be submitted to the Consortium Committee for approval.

Application period closed on December 31st.

The EMJMD Nursing Consortium Comittee is currently working on the selection for the next batch.
Next admission period will open again on October 2020 for the academic year 2021-2022.
Please check this webpage to apply then.

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