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Learning results

The EMJMD NURSING learning outcomes can be classified attending to their scope, considering basic or specific topics covered by the master.

Among the basic learning outcomes, students will find demonstrating the capacity to use various approaches to research, including data collection and analysis methodology, critical thinking and evaluation of research results, health data collection skills, ability to perform diagnoses, specific advanced therapies, care planning, pain management, appropriate evaluation of safety, effectiveness, availability and cost factors, standardized life-support techniques, documentation, and bioethical issues. In terms of communication and management, the basic learning outcomes include demonstrating ability in communication and interpersonal skills with patients, families and colleagues, leading and team working, understanding of leadership theories and systems as well as ability to use evidence-based data critically in management work.

Regarding the specific learning outcomes, the students will learn different skills depending on the main topic areas covered by the master (adult, paediatric or geriatric emergency and critical care and crisis resource management):

EMJMD NURSING specific learning outcomes summary

Emergency and critical care applied to adult, geriatric, paediatric, oncology and transplant patients

  • Capacity to collect and ability to analyse patients' health data using appropriate assessment techniques and instruments
  • Capacity to provide advanced therapies specifically designed for the critically ill patient and to develop a specific plan of care
  • Capacity to apply safety, efficiency and cost principles (including the prevention of nosocomial infection)
  • Ability to recognize the complexity of specific bioethical dilemmas and issues
  • Ability to recognise the physiological and psychological specific necessities of patients as well as to facilitate the family incorporation to the process of care
  • Demonstrate specific clinical practice performance based on professional nurse values, professional communications skills, and clinic management competences acquired

Crisis resource management (CRM)

  • Understanding of CRM
  • Ability to recognize roles and to communicate and collaborate in a team
  • Capacity to use system resources
  • Capacity to work in leadership role

Caridiologic clinical nursing

  • Capacity to care complex processes of cardiac disease, mobilizing cntical judgement and scientific evidence
  • Diagnose needs and develop procedures to prevent infections in complex processes of cardiac disease

Peri-operative clinical nursing

  • Capacity to care during pen-operative period, mobilising cntical judgement and scientific evidence
  • Diagnose needs and develop procedures to prevent infections in complex processes during peri-operative periods

Application period closed on December 31st.

The EMJMD Nursing Consortium Comittee is currently working on the selection for the next batch.
Next admission period will open again on October 2020 for the academic year 2021-2022.
Please check this webpage to apply then.

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