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Success Stories

Michael Angelo Libunao, from Philippines. Graduated in 2016

"Erasmus hoy, Erasmus siempre." That means – Erasmus today, Erasmus always. It is true. This opportunity definitely was an enriching experience. In the summer of 2014, my life changed dramatically. I was accepted to pursue a program, which was more diverse, more adventurous, and more incredible than I could ever have imagined. I believe that I have already matured significantly into a better person as a result of the entire experience.

The Erasmus Mundus journey certainly builds the character, experience and abilities of any person. Not only regarding education, but also respecting life: living on your own, living with people, working with people, time management, travel manage-ment, event management [for parties], people management and conflict management. A student is offered comfort, leisure, friendships, love and high quality of life, and still emerges with an exceptional education.

To the whole consortium "Maraming Salamat". This was indeed a LIFETIME EXPERIENCE.


Covadonga Fernández Areces, from Spain. Graduated in 2016

EMMECC has certainly been an amazing experience; once in a lifetime experience, not only on the educational and the cultural side but on the personal as well, it has enriched me in so many ways. If you ask me again I will start it all over again. Muchísimas gracias por una experiencia inolvidable!






Amil Kusain  Tan Jr. , from Philippines. Graduated in 2016

EMMECC changed my life by teaching me how to live life to the fullest







Alejandra Guerrero, from Colombia. Graduated in 2016

EMMECC has changed my life! It has confirmed that the art of ing amazed by blessings (big or small) should be kept as a habit. all things in life teach us how to make great strides! It has shown once again to enjoy the fresh air in the heat, a warm home in the bold, to pray in solitude and to be happy for what I have and what I am..... And then dream of what I want!






Lionel Pelete Pusing, from Philippines. Graduated in 2016

EMMECC taught me how to enjoy life, be competitive in my field of specialty, and be culturally sensitive to people. It also made me develop new eyes that see beyond what is visible.







Nizar Said, from Palestine. Graduated in 2016

Many events and things in our life shape our thinking, beliefs and attitude, & among these, EMMECC Nursing provided a positive impact in my life.







Francis Alipio, from Philippines. Graduated in 2016

EMMECC opened my eyes to the beauty of the world and of each and everyone of us. That no matter where we come from, no matter ur skin color or religion, inside, we are all the same - beautiful people, ch with a responsibility to care for and respect one another.







Ana Fernandes Teixeira, from Portugal. Graduated in, 2016

“The value of things is not the time they last, but the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforget-table moments and unique people”. - Fernando Pessoa.

I will never forget you EMECC family!






Anisha Petigara, from United States. Graduated in, 2016

EMMECC has taught me to be grateful for everything in my life!






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