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Course structure

EMJMD NURSING course structure balances theoretical education on evidence based nursing, comprehensive clinical practice and a solid scientific instruction. It will span over three semesters of 30 ECTS each –the European Credit Transfer System will be used across the programme to ensure integration and transparency-, including core and elective modules as well as mandatory practices and a tutored end of master Thesis, as detailed in the following table.

  • Semester 1:
    • Core Modules: 24 ECTS
    • Number of elective ECTS to be chosen: 6 ECTS
    • Total elective ECTS offered: 12 ECTS
  • Semester 2:
    • Universidad de Oviedo
      • Core Modules: 12 ECTS
      • Number of elective ECTS to be chosen: 18 ECTS
    • Universidad de Napier
      • Core Modules: 10 ECTS
      • Number of elective ECTS to be chosen: 20 ECTS
      • Total elective ECTS offered: 76 ECTS
  • Semester 3:
    • Core Modules: 18 ECTS
    • Number of elective ECTS to be chosen: 12 ECTS
    • Total elective ECTS offered: 84 ECTS

Semester 1 is designed to equalize the level of students and to offer a strong theoretical and methodological base on which to build candidate competence:

  1. Although the admission criteria are set to ensure a high candidate quality, we expect differences in theoretical and experiential backgrounds that we want to offset at an early stage.
  2. The core modules cover academic awareness deemed to be relevant for all candidates, irrespectively of their later specialization interests.

As preparation for their choice of path, candidates will also be able to focus on a first, broad specialization on Adult & Geriatric or Paediatric Clinical Nursing.

Semester 2 courses focal points are core Clinical Practice and choice of elective study track. Core modules' target is to ensure a sound professional quality of the candidates, while the elective modules allow students to focus on particular topics and configure the Master towards one of four optional study tracks, depending on their personal interests:

  1. Emergency and Critical Care Nursing for Adults
  2. Emergency and Critical Care Nursing for Seniors
  3. Paediatric Emergency and Critical Care Nursing
  4. Crisis Resource Management in Nursing.

Semester 3 offers further specialization in specific nursing disciplines at the partner institutions or additional clinical practicum at one of the associated partners. Such specialization/practicum will be achieved through elective clinical practice and guided research culminated in a report to be presented and evaluated, constituting the EMMECC NURSING Master Thesis.

The Master's Thesis final written report will include a record of the student's personal work and is aimed at developing independent and scientific thoughts and applications. The thesis might be directed by a PhD Professor belonging to any of the partner Universities or co-directed with a professor or tutor from the associated organization where the student is carrying out the internship. Students will also be advised by their supervisors on how to publish their theses on the proper scientific journals, stressing the focus on and the importance of the scientific dimension in the Erasmus Mundus Master Course.

Application period closed on December 31st.

The EMJMD Nursing Consortium Comittee is currently working on the selection for the next batch.
Next admission period will open again on October 2020 for the academic year 2021-2022.
Please check this webpage to apply then.

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