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Insurance Scheme

All students enrolled in the EMJMD NURSING will be automatically covered by the Course Insurance. All participants shall be insured during their stay in the 27 European Union countries, the EEA/EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), the countries that are candidates for membership of the European Union (Croatia, FYROM, Turkey) as well as the countries of the Third Country Partners/associated members identified by the Consortium as study destinations.

Coverage will take effect by the time the grant holder starts their journey to participate in the Programme (maximum two months prior to the start of the specific actions eligibility period for which the grantee is enrolled) and will be valid until two months after the end of the same action, unless there is a prior change to the EM grantee status.

The coverage will include all worldwide travel required for the participation in the Erasmus Mundus Programme, sickness, accident, pregnancy and childbirth; theft and loss of documents, permanent invalidity, third-party liability and death cover. The EMJMD NURSING Consortium may offer supplementary assistance services, such as travel expenses for family members in the event of the students' death, serious illness or serious accident; early return in the event of a serious illness or accident affecting a close family member, etc. Such coverage will be detailed in the Student Agreement.


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