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Assessment of student accomplishment

EMJMD NURSING student accomplishment will be evaluated through module examinations, internship assessments and master thesis, which shall be presented before a panel of professors.

Students shall successfully pass module examinations to complete each of the Master modules. Module examinations may consist of several partial examinations. In general, EMJMD NURSING examinations may take the form of:

  • TEST
    • Oral/Written
    • Multiple Choice
    • Scientific Presentations
    • Master Thesis
    • Seminar Papers
    • Master Thesis
    • Clinical practice reports
    • Simulation practices and video recording for later analysis
    • Continuous assessment of critical practices

The form of examination is specified in each of the module descriptions and may be adapted to students with special needs.

The EMJMD NURSING students will be ranked according to the score given in each module/course examination. Besides, a global Master score will also be awarded. The marks are specified in the grading system of the host university and via the translation table shown below to the common grading system.


Regarding the Master Thesis, it will be completed by the end of the third semester and would normally be related to the chosen specialization. Thesis topics will be offered by the Master Academic Committee at the beginning of the 3rd semester. Students will have up to 15th May to make their choices, with the assistance of the Mentoring Professor. The Master Academic Committee will confirm the Master thesis assignments by 15th June.

Master Thesis may be connected to the activities to be developed during the internship, although this won't be compulsory.

The EMJMD NURSING Master Thesis will be evaluated by a panel composed of three Master Professors. One of the members shall belong to the University of the Thesis supervisor, another member shall be a professor on the thesis knowledge area and the third one shall be a professor of any of the other Partner Universities.

Master Thesis shall be submitted between 15th January and 15th February on the year the student shall be completing the Master course and shall be submitted along with a report issued by the tutor authorizing the submission of the thesis. Furthermore, the submission rules, the reporting format and the place and date of submission will be provided. Later on, the members of the examination committee shall be made public. The time allowed for the presentation of the thesis shall not exceed 15 minutes. The presentation shall be followed by a question and answer session where each member of the Committee will be able to ask questions for about 5 minutes.

Theses will be marked between 0 and 10 points. Distinctions or extraordinary mentions will be awarded by the Master Academic Committee to the 10% top ranked theses, based on the reports issued by the examination Committee.

Application period closed on December 31st.

The EMJMD Nursing Consortium Comittee is currently working on the selection for the next batch.
Next admission period will open again on October 2020 for the academic year 2021-2022.
Please check this webpage to apply then.

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